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New Years Eve!

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Adoe's Ass

Adoe's Ass

Personal Financial Statement 2008.

year end $The Daily Draw 12.31.08

dd 12.31.08


I don’t think we got above zero today.

I stayed home, played with my art toys and sat listening to the water run in the bathroom sink all day so that the pipes don’t freeze. 

I made rice, black eyed peas and ham hocks for dinner. For Good Luck in the New Year. A Southern rite I got from Mom. She grew up in TX and spent time in LA.

And wish me luck, for tomorrow I’m in the box. It’s been difficult, and I feel the Money Gods on my back already. To bed, get some sleep before the fireworks start.

Playlist Drugs>Jane’s Addiction>Jane Says….I’m gonna kick tomorrow….Nirvana>Lithium….I’m not going to crack…..


Daily Draw

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The Daily Draw for 12.30.08.

dd 12.30.08


Not much going on El Rancho today.

I stayed home sailing the sea of Rum.

With puffy clouds over my head.                              

Talked to Jackie in Bama. It’s 40 degrees there. Got a box of pecans, chicken feet, other boney things from her. And some very tasty Jalapeno Jelly.

So why go any where today?

Staying home getting fat in Spenard.

Road Report 12.29.08

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rr 12.29 tease




A Photo Comic here

Road Report 12.29.

Daily Draw 12.29.08

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dd 12.29.08


I hope that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, that I come back as a Raven.

They are so Bad Ass.

The Daily… Image.

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Wow just in time. And I knew this project was going to go mixed media. I just didn’t think it would happen so fast. But I have all these cool scraps, and these cards are the perfect size. So here ya go.

dd 12.28


What do you do when it is nether the cards or the stars?

What Mojo will save me now?

Images can be prayer. May be I should carry this one around with me for a while. 




Got the next three days off. Let’s see what I can come up.

The Daily Draw

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The Daily Draw for 12.27.08

dd 12.27


Where did all the money go?

May be it was never really there to begin with.


And the Money God wants it’s feed faster still.

I’m kinda looking forward to going slower. I hope to draw lots of comics for the rest of the winter. 

So long as I can keep the heat on. Of course with Enstar raising the rates 20% next month, its going to be interesting. Good thing I get a discount on fleece gear, going to be wearing it in the house. With my hoodie up.

The Daily Draw

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The Daily Draw for 12.26.08

dd 12.26.08


The Santa mask got tore off at 5am when the alarm went off.

“Feed Me.” says the Money God. It’s mouth can hold, everything.

In the Box where the Money God whispers. “Don’t fuck up.” And if I do? “If you do, you have to start all over again.”


I bang my head on the desk, shaking the coins.

The day done and numbers entered. And the Money God asks “What took you so long?”

A long day in the box. Man, I’m tired.