Daily Draw 12.19.08

El Sicko

 Today was a first for me.

I almost, almost hurled in a trash can at work. I almost hurled on Spenard on the way home, but I’ve done that before. Shit I would say you are not a true Spenarden if you have not.

I came home hurled my guts up in the privacy of my own toilet. Slept the day away. From what I saw out the window it was a nice one too.


4 Responses to “Daily Draw 12.19.08”

  1. So what kind of germ bit you? Or were you drinking at work? … Sometime you’ll have to tell me how you’re doing these. What app do you use? … The “Life in Spenard” logo is awesome.

  2. Ah…I too have thrown up in that yellow sink. After a night of barhopping, we made an after-hours run to the border. I remember being so grateful that the sink was so close to the toilet. Simultaneous vomiting and diarrhea. Talk about burning the candle at both ends! I’ve never set foot in a Toxic Hell since.

  3. is this the kind of experience endemic to Spenard and nowhere else? Do people in South Anchorage build their sinks as close to the toilet? Where DO they build their toilets? And whatever happened to metal buckets? Or even plastic ones? Is there a significant difference between preparing to retch and being caught by surprise?

  4. I think hurling in the sink is one of those come one, come
    all sort of things.

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