The Daily Draw

12.20.08   The Technicolor Hurl.

dd 12.20.08


I ate some oatmeal and a banana this morning. 

From where come these colors, these chunks?



I lasted about four hours at work. The tacos they got for us today looked great. But one whiff had me sweating, and 30 minutes later I was out o there. Looking for that privacy again. My ribs hurt, there’s nothing left in there.


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  1. Ah, so it’s the tacos. Co-op organizational tacos. … Meanwhile, these colors are awesome. It should be possible (but it is not) to enlarge this draw so it fills the screen w/ its wretched — make that retch-ed– beauty. Looks almost good enough to eat, like a watermelon poster on a bus in the barrio in mid-August. Nice thought in winter-solstice Anchorage.

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