Cops and the Daily Draw


Saw the ADN had a little piece on Spenard today. “A special focus on crime” is on the way to my hood. 

I also took a hard look at that photo that they published. Every body around that table is of a paler shade of human. The guy in the orange jacket is a cop.

There are more than just white folk in my hood.

The north end of the hood has one of the highest rates of gun fire in the city. (See map, The Hood, a close up) In this part of the hood, the residents are mostly brown, and poor. 

And some folk in the hood, don’t want cops there at all. 

Cop Not

The Daily Draw for Solstice!!dd 12.21If it hadn’t been so foggy all our 5 hour and 28 minutes of ‘daylight’ we might have seen something like this.


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  1. the photo you saw in the ADN of the folks gathered around the tables was indeed a bit pale. i was there at the left hand corner but managed to get cropped out. had i been visible i would have been the token minority other than Captain Nelson.
    i’ve been to a lot of the Spenard related public meetings; seldom do i see anyone besides myself who’s person of color. anchorage may have a lot of different ethinic groups but i seldom see them mix. don’t know why, do you?


    • Why no mixing? Well how did you feel when you went to this meeting?
      Did you feel like a token? Some one who was there, but it didn’t really matter?
      I hate that feeling, why bother walking into it. And not only were they pale, they are old, a lot of white hair in that pic.

      Take 29th st. between Spenard and Arctic. One of those ‘hot spots’. Do you think any one on that block even knows that the Spenard CC even exists? What blows my mind is that with a cool bookstore and coffee shop one block away, I never see any one from that part of the hood in there. Culture, class, race and income group, bigger barriers than any stop light.

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