New Years Eve!

Adoe's Ass

Adoe's Ass

Personal Financial Statement 2008.

year end $The Daily Draw 12.31.08

dd 12.31.08


I don’t think we got above zero today.

I stayed home, played with my art toys and sat listening to the water run in the bathroom sink all day so that the pipes don’t freeze. 

I made rice, black eyed peas and ham hocks for dinner. For Good Luck in the New Year. A Southern rite I got from Mom. She grew up in TX and spent time in LA.

And wish me luck, for tomorrow I’m in the box. It’s been difficult, and I feel the Money Gods on my back already. To bed, get some sleep before the fireworks start.

Playlist Drugs>Jane’s Addiction>Jane Says….I’m gonna kick tomorrow….Nirvana>Lithium….I’m not going to crack…..


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  1. sounds like my playlist for 2032 ad west wing pioneers home- you still with me? happy new year chica!

  2. Ado was so upset about that bite that he was growling at his own butt.

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