Cold Hands



Another beautiful and wickedly cold day. I just couldn’t stay inside, decided on a quick bike ride to coffee, art supplies, and groceries.

My gloves were not up to the task, by the time I got to Benson and Spenard my fingers were hurting. I broke out a pair of hand warmers while drinking some coffee. Pushing 50 and I do my art with my hands. Good idea to keep them warm.

At Northern Lights and Minnesota I see a homeless person standing with a cardboard sign, ‘God Bless’. Ether he’s shaking in the cold, or bouncing up and down to keep warm.  He doesn’t notice me, the   traffic sounds cancel out the crunch of my studded bike tires. I can’t give money.  Drinking outside at sub-zero temps is a suicide attempt anyway.

But I do have a second package of hand warmers.

‘Dude!’ I have the warmers in my hand, pushing them though thin cold air that stinks of car exhaust. He turns quick, “Oh! Right On! Thanks.” He takes the package and goes back to facing the traffic.  I watch as he weighs them in his hand, and slips them in his back pocket. Makes sense when you think about it. It’s only going to get colder later.

The Daily Draw 1.3.09

dd 1.3.09


More OCD Spenard Style.

The art supplies I got today is a new pen set. 36 colors, cool. 

I’m only working 19 hours this week. Yup, the recession is on in Anchorage. On the upside, I hope to have a finished comic or even two posted by weeks end.


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