El Rancho Disaster!!

Dis -14 Dis -14 p2Dis -14 3pdd 1.7.09Oh, man. What a sucky way to spend a night at -14. Poor Steve and Johanna! Give them hugs when you see them next. And wish Steve Happy Birthday, he turned 66 yesterday. And bikes to work summer and winter.

I want to do that at 66.

And the Daily Draw, which I did before I knew about the pipes.


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  1. biking to work at 66 when it’s minus 20! that’s some serious macho. — and yes, where Steve works it’s about minus 20 and more in those mornings and at that hour when he has to show up…. Yuccchh! Now I can’t stand my babied little ass that won’t even take a walk in this friggin’ stuff. … 66 … sheesh. What a wuss am I. … I don’t believe it. Can’t be true.

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