The Daily Draw.

Ugh, I’m a wreak. My knees are not as bad as they could be, glad I took my pads.  But my sleep cycle is hosed after being up till 2am. And the pizza we got (we get free feed on ultra late shifts) came back on me in a big way. Then Steve had some thing in the Radio Room aka The Cooler, that he needed, at 5am. Dude was trying to be quiet. Till he hit something, and it fell to the floor. I heard a sharp intake of breath. I hope it didn’t hurt too bad.

I couldn’t get back to sleep. Got up and dinked around. Started today’s DD then.

There’s ton’s of projects in my head these days. One is to make Loteria Cards for Spenard. 

Loteria is kinda like Bingo. And it’s old, a version Patolli was played by the Aztecs. But you dont just call out the name of the card. The idea is to have a short poem that makes a allusion to the character on the card.

dd 1.12.09 p1dd 1.12.09 p2dd 1.12.09 p3


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