Sarah Vamp!

Sarah Vamp!Is this not the scariest image of Palin ever? With the way she was sexed out by her own party, and the creepy feeling the rest of us get from her, is it any wonder that someone out there saw her as a vampire? Remember, the kiss of the vampire, the sex, is suppose to be the best, and last, you will ever have. 

The paper copy of this passed hand by human hand from NYC to me here in Spenard, my friend L., the last hand.

Go figure, why me? (Evil smile on my face) I wish I knew who all to thank, all the way down the line. Sadly, I don’t have the name of the artist ether.

If I did, I’d just say, “Dude, you fucking rock!”

This poster now hangs in a place of honor over my desk.


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