The Daily Draw by bus.


Took the bus to Anchorage Neighborhood Health Clinic today. I know it’s weird but I don’t mind taking the bus. Gives me a chance to do some people drawing.

trans draw 2.11.09

And to think yet again how just by looking at our clothes, we know rich from poor. For me it is the color of the clothing. Lots of earth tones. But no one in the People Mover building would call it that. Grey, brown, black, tan, and what color there is, red, dark blues, a bright hat or two is looking like it’s been in the weather a lot. Waiting for that bus. Your not going to find much periwinkle here.

Off to the clinic to see Dr. M. so he can shoot up my knee. The second time for the left side. He did it with the warning that we can’t keep doing this forever. Sooner or later, the injections will cause just another set of problems. 

dd 2.11.09 

Losing some of this lard I carry around with me would help the knees. But like I told Dr. M,  it’s more than 50 lb. It’s 40 years.

Losing weight, the longest running battle of my life. And I feel like I’ve lost before I even started to try again. Dr. M suggested that I try to become a vegan.  (Deep breath let out in a sigh), if it was as easy as changing what I eat, this shit would have been gone along time ago. I know what to do about the food, I’m clueless about what to do about the years.


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