Late Post Apology


Sorry for the missed posts. Life gets in the way of art sometimes. 

The technical difficulties the brain box has been experiencing, haven’t gone away. It is odd, I have often envied those who needed little sleep or just didn’t sleep. Think of all the time! But now that it has happen to me, I can tell you it sucks. You’re racked out to the bone, but sleep is just not happening. It makes you more than alittle sensitive, and a lot insane. If you see me in meat space, please forgive the weirder than usual behavior.

dd 2.24.09 



Ok, so I didn’t do todays DD like today.  I have been working on these collage books for two or three years now. This is the cover of book number three.

Where it is all about prayer, luck, rituals and charms.


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  1. “Where it is all about prayer, luck, rituals and charms” — Where you should receive much of this and more than you even need.

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