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Suck. Suck. Blow.

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Suck.    That Sarah Palin has been sucking, and sucking hard for months now, is a well documented fact. There are many other blogs that dive into the gory details.

Suck.     That my state Representative for Spenard is sucking has become more obvious the longer he stays in office.

I voted for Mike Doogan (D) twice. I was a face on a campaign postcard he sent out in 06. I had high hopes for his work in Juneau.  Many are the problems in The Hood. They all need fixing.

Right after the 06 elections Doogan was on KSKA’s Community Forum. I phoned in and straight up asked him “What are you going to do for my part of Spenard?”

“Sidewalks.” was his answer. And a good one. Twenty years ago when he was working at the ADN he did a column on me, my knee and the lack of sidewalks.

2009 and there are still no sidewalks in Spenard. And it’s putting people in danger of injury or worse. Less than two weeks ago my manager was grazed by a car on N. Lights and Spenard. He has three kids, and could have been killed.

I can point to no concrete changes that Doogan has bought about in my neighborhood.

No real physical changes at all. 

Hey Doogan, “All politics are local.” And I’m not seeing any action.

When “Troopergate” broke into the news a group of Alaskan citizens banded together and formed Alaskans for Truth. This group was part of the organizing force behind the largest political rallies the state has ever seen. They also sent letters to all representative and senators seeking action on a number of ethics violations. Doogan’s response was rude and disrespectful.

So Doogan is not only dumb enough to piss off a bunch of well connected and organized individuals he pissed off CC (Camille Conte) She is the chair of Alaskans for Truth. Was named  The Nation magazine’s Most Valuable Local Media Personality 08 and has her own radio call in show on KUDO 1080 AM weekdays 3 to 6pm. 

Hello? Doogan you pissed off someone who has their own daily media platform? Who is a constituent of yours, and who is my friend? Got another quote for ya. “The Personal is Political.” And I’m starting to hear that sucking sound.

Now he has outed the perviously anonymous author of the blog Mudflats.

Why? Well that’s a damn good question. It smells – it reeks of revenge.

Mudflats spanked Doogan HARD about his response to Alaskans for Truth, and he didn’t like that.

I see this outing as a violation of this authors civil rights. You do not give up your right to privacy because you are on line. Or of freedom of speech, and the right for that speech to be anonymous.

Fuck you Doogan, you just lost my vote.

Want more? Go here.

The Huffington Post

Progressive Alaska 

Update: Progressive  Ak has a post that starts with He Lied. and continues with possible violation of Federal  law. Anonymous speech over the internet is entitled to First Amendment protection. Reno v. ACLU, 521 U.S. 844 (1997)   State law  Sec. 11.56.850. Official misconduct. (a) A public servant commits the crime of official misconduct if, with intent to obtain a benefit or to injure or deprive another person of a benefit…. and that’s just the start. Read and enjoy.

Happily, the blog  Mudflats is still with us. 

As for Blow.

Mt Redoubt 3.38.09Thereupon Ambika became terrible in her anger, and her countenance darkened until it was black as ink. From her frowning forehead issued the awesome goddess Kali, armed with a sword and a noose. Holding a skull-topped staff, skull-garlanded, wrapped in a tiger-skin, emaciated, wide-mouthed, lolling -tongued, with deep-sunken red eyes, Kali filled the skies with her roar.



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dd 3.26.09


Yup, right in the walkway leading up to the house, I wiped out.

My front wheel went right in the melting snow and my body went left. That fleshy bump you see is my left thigh swelling up. It’s hard to get a good pic because I banged on the back half, almost my ass.  I hit it on the edge of a upright log next to the flower garden, half buried in the snow. Ouch. I bit my tongue too. Ouch, ouch.

I’m going to have a great big bruise tomorrow morning.

Clean desks, euro socks.

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Any one who has been to El Rancho, at least on south side with me, knows that I’m not the domestic goddess type. Floors are for the soles of my boots and a cats ass.

But there comes a point when the layers build up. And I have to clean.

dd 3.25.09dd 3.25.09 b

It wasn’t till I was on to the kitchen counter that I thought to take a before and after pic.

3.25.09 cdd3.25.09 d

I didn’t take a close up, because it was really, really gross. Sure wish I had taken a pic of my self when I cleaned off the kitchen counter with that shop-vac  Jim S. lent me last summer. Now that was a true Spenard move.

And my girl L. just got back from Paris.

euro socksBringing me socks and a bandanna. Is there any color combo that says Euro more than a double neon.

The DD

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dd 3.24.09



I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know where I’m a gonna go when the volcano blow. 

“Volcano” Jimmy Buffett




Wow, haven’t been posting that DD much. Can I still call them daily?

The DD

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“Alcohol and cannabis are like apples and giraffes.”

dd 3.18.09That’s a quote from the good Dr. B. It was an answer to a drug question of mine. As soon as I read it, this image popped up in my head.  I think giraffes look silly. In person, they are one of the nastiest beasts your ever going to meet. The ones at the San Diego Zoo, when I was a kid, would spit at you. Can’t blame them, but it was gross!

May be cannabis would have helped them out.

Art on a different web site.

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page_22You should be able to read the story that goes with the image later today at Alaska Dispatch.


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Michael Parenti“Well, I argue that one of the functions of a capitalist state is to defend capitalism from itself, to defend capitalism from the capitalists. It was Marx—dare we mention him? I hear he’s coming back in style. It was Marx who said one capitalist will kill many other capitalists, that the system begins to consume itself.  …..The free market does not work. It’s not free. It’s not really a market; it’s a plunder. And it has to be done away with. ”

I’d love to take a class from Michael Parenti. You can find his resent interview with Democracy Now! here.