Tulip, Umbrella, Fear.

DD 3.4.09Had my first visit with a neurologist today, the good Dr. E. Took my home girl L. with me, after the awful EEG experience I was not up for any more medical without some support from a member of my tribe. 

Dr. E has a cool saltwater fish tank in the waiting area. Very colorful, and a calming alternative to the TV. Which is good, I needed some calming after a $147 co-pay. That is two full eight hour days of pay for me. 

After the nurse got the basics done Dr. E came in. Many questions of my sleep patters, head injuries, and possible seizures. There was a series of tests; reflex, balance, and memory. Day, date, year. But not in that order.  Tulip, Umbrella and Fear. Words I was asked to remember, and now might not ever forget. My girl L. who has also watched me twitch, was able to fill in the some of the blanks. Because I have no idea how long these things last. Or of the time between shakes. Or of what is going on with my breathing. 

Talked about my MRI and EEG. With no tumors, or weirdness in my brain waves. I objected to the EEG result. Telling him how wretched that EEG test was for me emotionally, and wouldn’t that make a difference? But it is all about the frequencies, not feelings.

Then I lay down on the exam table, Dr. E. downed the lights and I let the shakes happen. It didn’t take long for them to start. And I did not have to lay there long before he touched my leg and said “I get the picture.”

But he is going to think about this one. Have words with Dr. B.  The word ‘interesting’ is one I have heard too often in regard to my body’s functioning. 

Many thanks to the tribe for phone calls, car rides, and hugs. 

So I’m waiting, and drawing my brain. With drugs. In Spenard.


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  1. Hey girlfriend, I had no idea! Please, lean on your friends when stuff like this happens!! Anything I can do, let me know…

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