The DD and WTF?

dd 3.8.09

In my brains there is no weirdness that can be seen by medical tests.

That leaves the other part of what is incased in the skull.

Motion disorder, sleep disorder, seasonal, and stress. Say What?

At least these days if its all in your head it is treated as no less real or (potentially) destructive. 


Seasonal? Yeah, if you’re the freaky type. Spring is when you get to do it the best.

Stress? Well Gorge the Fuckwad Bush is gone. Yet with what is coming out of the Obama DOJ, his administration is not going to be all pony rides and rainbows ether.

It has been grim at work. Haven’t been a lot of rainbows in retail land. With a ER bill, gas bill, phone bill sitting on the table, there’s no money. But that’s no news when you’re an artist.

That make believe money called a 401k is much less believable than it was last year. 

May be I could have waited for the sun to move forward in the sky. Stayed home, twitch, self medicate,and not sleep for 2 1/2 weeks. Things would have gotten better on their own. Kinda. Would have saved my self a butt load of money. May be.

But not sleeping for 24-36 hours at a time is no fun. Twitching like a new caught fish, every night, without knowing why, is no fun. But this diagnosis is kinda, embarrassing.

Like, what a wimp.

Thinking about my brains, and what the doctors said.

With drugs. In Spenard.


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  1. Nothing wimpy about it. I know lots about not sleeping and it isn’t good, whatever the reason. There is a reason we sleep, just no one know what it is. We don’t do well without it. I hope you are sleeping better and that they find a not too scary reason for it that is treatable.
    Take care.

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