Doogan runs…. away.

Rumor has it that Mike Doogan locked himself into a bathroom in the state capital building when he saw Shannon Moore coming for him with mike in hand. God, I hope that’s not a April Fools joke. 

Rep. Les Gara of the district north of Spenard posted a letter on Progressive Ak giving his reaction to Doogan’s outing of AKmuckraker. He said he’s “bothered” by Doogan’s behavior. Bothered? Bothered is what you might feel when the line is long at Carr’s.

Doogan violated AKmuckraker’s civil rights as understood in the First and Fourth amendments. Freedom of speech is also the freedom to present one’s speech in the manner of your choosing. And she was unable to “be secure in their persons, houses. papers and effects…”

The Supreme Court case noted in Progressive Ak  (Reno v. ACLU 1997) is not the best one to use in defense of Mudflats. I found a great site, Oyez with one page summaries of court cases going way, way back.

Reno v. ACLU dealt with porn on the internet. Doesn’t seem to apply to AKmuckraker. But I did find this oldie but a goodie from 1940. Thornhill v. Alabama.

One Byron Thornhill was busted on the picket line, as Bama had a law making it an offense to picket. Thornhill was the only one to be arrested that day. He was fined $100. Outed in a way. Made an example of.

The court found in his favor.

The Court found that no clear and present danger of destruction of life or property or of breach of the peace was inherent to labor picketing, and thus deserved First Amendment protection.

 AKmuchraker was on the protest line of the internet. Did AKmuckraker endanger any one’s life, property, or breach the peace? Was there any thing like that in any of her writings? No, but she paid a de facto fine and had her property endangered when the wignuts crashed her business computer system with false orders and malicious emails. (From CC on Cutting Edge, 3.31) Bet that cost more that $100. I’d say she was made an example of. No anonymous political speech for you my Missy!

It’s a mind blower that Alaskan journalists have not supported AKmuckraker’s right to her anonymity. Journalists have gone to jail to protect their ‘sources’. Protecting that sources right to be anonymous.. This stinks, of jealously. Face it, she’s a better writer. Better than the any one at the ADN or the Press. More hits than other  Alaskan political sites.

Hey guys, work harder, ask harder questions of these office holders. Specially our GINO. Where is she these days?

page_12But why am I so angry? I know the Constitution got shredded the morning of 9.12.01. We should recycle what’s left of it. (I think that’s called a revolution.) 

My anger is based on a sense of self and of place.

I’m an artist. And artists seek to keep all possibilities of expression open.  This includes working anonymously. We push the possible as far as we can. To do less, is not to make art, but to produce a product as lifeless as a plastic toy bought at Wartmart.

Spenard has that sweet outlaw reputation going for it. Most of my neighbors take showers after work, not before.  My Hood is not shocked by bars and strip joints a stone’s throw from a church or daycare center. Skin tone is not a label here. Any color can be seen driving boom cars, running the snowmachine up and down the block (just a test). Gunfire in the air and the Ho’s are just part of the landscape.

And ya know what else, outlaws don’t like rats.

That’s what is going to end Doogan’s time in office. Outing? Fuck that, he ratted her out. In Spenard, that is unforgivable.


5 Responses to “Doogan runs…. away.”

  1. Priscilla Says:

    Absolutely one of your best posts yet. I didn’t know about AKM’s computer system crashing under the weight of an angry mob’s orders and emails. Arriiii. But Doogan cowering in the bathroom? Priceless.

  2. Hat’s off Angela!
    This is an Excellent post, too bad the ADN Compass would never have the spine to run it…After this all I can hear in my head is Jimmy Cagney, screaming in his best deranged voice, “C’mere, I gotcha now! You dirty, stinkin’ Rat!”

  3. After reading through this article, I just feel that I really need more information on the topic. Could you share some more resources ?

  4. Thank you! to FanyInsuptusa.

    Ex Girlfiend, May I suggest “Give Me Liberty” by Naomi Wolf. A great read for any of us. Seek the sidebar for more.

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