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Some good news for some brave anarchist brothers and sisters in Minnesota/St. Paul. The scariest of the charges against the RNC8 have been dropped.

Gaertner Drops Terrorism Enhancements Against RNC 8; Two Conspiracy Charges Still Remain

This is a big load off their backs. The addition of a ‘Terrorism Enhancement’ can add not months but decades to one’s sentence. A few hundred people were arrested this September, tons of information here.

And if you have forgotten what it looked like in Minn/St. Paul. because you were shell shocked by the Palin bomb. Here’s a  reminder.


















If you have never been in a city wide portest action go to   for a first person account of pepper spay and billy clubs.

Cant handle violence in the States? How about Israel? Great movie playing at The Tooth this coming Monday. Waltz with Bashir. See you in line.


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