The Siren Song of Chocolate

dd 4.10.09

So close to printing. I have plate, paper, and blocks measured out. Ink roller and plexie clean. I always feel like I’m  running a lab when I get ready to print. It is all about set up. And once you start there is no stopping till you’re done. But I wait, I hear the song of…


dd 4.10 1



And not just any chocolate, but really fancy chocolate that you have to send away for.



Johanna just loves the seasonal celebrations. And I love that I get to take part. Not only for the flavor, but for the art of it all. Johanna is a master of the form. dd 4.10 c  Steve rushing out, Sunny nodding off.

dd 4.10 d



Dang, they are cute, and tasty too.




fat cat jackThe rick

                                                                                                                                                                                              Mean while Fat Cat Jack and the rick get their lean on. Having a good day at El Rancho in Spenard.


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