Rack-less and printmaking tools.


dd 4.20.09

dd 4.20.09 b


One Response to “Rack-less and printmaking tools.”

  1. the rack s–t is not good. Now I know that most folks who shop at Lowe’s or Home Depot need a truck or at least a car w/ hatchback to bring home what they buy there, but there have been times when all I bought could fit in my pockets or a small bag — bulbs, screws, small can of paint, whatever. So a little shopping trip becomes perfect for a bike ride if these people were green in their heads, but they’re not. I don’t know what color. I want to say brown but that’s an earth color.

    Hey, Ang — This wood project sounds like it’s got its splinters in you. Very good. Now you know my own project has me that way, too. And so when I read a line like “She took one look at me and her lips went into a tight thin line,” I begin thinking, Wow, this woman has been reading her Hammett. That’s a fine utterance. So is “This wood is going to grind my skin raw.” That’s just right. Just what has to happen. You must get ground raw by the work. Looking forward to seeing it.

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