Pecking away


blown away 4.28Getting to the point where I can use a wider tool. I can clear more space. But slipping and putting a big digger in it becomes a  greater risk. I’ll have a bigger hole in my throat if that gouge is pointed at me. Doing lay outs on this thing. Like a bad pool shot, keeping one foot on the floor.  

I wish I could keep working on it. But the job calls.  In the box tomorrow, and to bed early like a nine year old. Can’t say I don’t need the money. It just keeps winging away on me. May be the next image will be coins flowing like water though my hands. 

My hands, your hands, we all should be washing our hands a lot. This flu could get nasty. May be lay in some rice and beans for a few days. Buy a box of gloves and some masks.

Look at it as a chance to beef up your earthquake box. Here’s a link to some solid info on the current flu. Effect Measure written by some doc’s in Boston. A good site they give ‘geek alterts’ when it gets to the point of needing capital letters after your name to understand the post. But most of the time it’s clear as a bell.


A bad flu season can fill hospital emergency rooms and in patient beds to the bursting point. We currently have fewer staffed hospital beds per capita than we did in the last pandemic, 1968 (the “Hong Kong flu”). There is no reserve capacity. We can’t just add physical beds. Beds don’t take care of patients. Nurses and doctors do.

Now take a bad flu season and double it. To each individual it’s the same disease but now everybody is getting it at once, in every community and all over the world. In terms of virulence, it’s a mild pandemic. It’s not a lethal virus like 1918. But in terms of social disruption it could be very bad. If twice as many people get sick, the number of deaths could be 80,000 in the US instead of 40,000. Gurneys would line the hallways of hospitals and clinics. And absenteeism amongst health care workers would compound the problem. Infrastructure would probably survive intact. No need to have your own water supply or electricity generator. But it would be a very rough ride.

Going to be hard at the job for the next four days. Hope some one is out is the sunshine working that Alaskan tan. I wish I could stay home and keep cutting.

Oh and our Gov. now has a twitter account. This is news? We’ve all known she’s a twit for a while now. Personally  I feel the blood sucking vampire image works for me still.

sarah-vamp-1Remember the kiss of the vampier is both the best and the last you’ll ever have.  Off to bed.



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