Bike Rack Hog

Went and saw Gomorra tonight at the Tooth.

Grim, yet brilliant movie. Life in a stinking toxic ghetto, where there is no “out” but death. There is no where to run to. The patters of corruption are a universal be it in Italy, Columbia, or the USA. That pattern has reached it’s end stage in Naples. 


And the bike rack was packed.

bike rack hog


4 Responses to “Bike Rack Hog”

  1. Thomas Korn Says:

    dude…. that rider just needs to have their tires slashed.

    • No! Public Shame only. Violence solves nothing. What if that’s their only way around town? I just want them to stop being a BRH!

  2. The spot where Joe just had his bike stolen. Cable cut from this rack, the one by the door. Door = more random eyes, around corner = camera. Joe had his cut out of the eyes of the camera, and apparently out of everybody eyes. 3 days ago, bike and happy, now, feet and sad.

  3. I wish some companies would do more to promote cyclists. it’s kind of lame that the tooth can’t get a better bike rack set up, you think with all te people that ride their bikes there they might want to come up with a better set up and maybe post some “security camera” signs so no one else gets their bike jacked right in front.

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