Things I saw and heard in Spenard before I went to Buzz’s.


Three big beautiful black girls crossing Spenard at Benson. They looked so happy. We smiled at each other.


Talked of the death of capitalism with my friend Martin at K-bros.


Watched five Italian climbers, obviously jet lagged, stumble in searching for cappuccinos. Three Asian boys on tiny laptops, gaming.


I asked three other men what language they were speaking. It wasn’t one that I know the sound of. “Somali” “Wow,” I said. “You guys are a long way from home.”

I got some more smiles. 


I heard Mexican folk coming from the car two vatos were washing in the trailer park. The sound of a skill-saw, another trailer park resident using the dry weather to improve his roof. The Angels just rode by, their Harley’s roaring in the sun.


I love Spenard.

Holiday 5.25


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