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BBQ 1BBQ 2BBQ 3Ahh, classic Spenard Alaska summer fun.


New Gallery Page

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Black Cat

I’ve set up a gallery page for the lino prints I’ve been working on. Five nice 4×5 inch images.  And two tiny blog card images. Like 2×2,5 inch tiny. These images cut fast. I’m glad I went for many small blocks as aposed to one big image that takes me 2-3 weeks to cut. 

And I haven’t cut my hand open yet.

 In The Box for the next two days. Wish me luck if you see me coming out for air.

New Lightly Illustrated Page

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Pills 6.24

That I take prescriptions to keep heart and brains functioning is no secret. 

Nor is a secret that I find all these Rx’s overwhelming at times.

A new page, I Must Believe in these Pills.

Volcano Brains

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Volcano 6.20.09



Mmmm, not bad. I think I’ll keep it this way.






Brains 6.20.09



                            Needs work. 


One more day on the job, then I have three off. Today  I was in The Box. Getting up at 5 am sure cuts into your social life. Yeah, is there life in Spenard when you work weekends?

Light Bondage and a Handjob for LeRoy.

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Ha!  Made you look. LeRoy is my bike of course. All my bikes are boys.

I hadn’t showed him any love at all (ex. some lube) for weeks.

LeRoy 6.15.09




Ohhh, pretty, shiny, LeRoy.




LeRoy 2 6.15.09



The head badge I made for him is hanging in there. The human bones are tougher than I thought they would be.

The shop at work has been really busy. So I did him at home.


bike racks 6.15.09

More Brains.

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Working on a new block. But it is way too late and I’m too tired to be playing with sharp pointy things.

Drop Acid and play ball!

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Steve’s into baseball, my friend Will is also.

What I notice is guys wearing weird shoes spiting chew all over the place. Balls are  thrown at some dude wearing a Hanibal Leticter mask throwing gang signs in his crotch. So here’s a way to make a strange game even more weird.

LSD baseball 6.12.09Baseball p2

This Baseball factoid has been on the frig for a long long time.  In Fact, by Louis R Biro 1999. Brother Bruce said that Doc got called the ‘spaceman’. I wonder it there was an after game interview some where.  Bet that was fun.


I have been told by both Steve and Will that “The Spaceman” was one Bill Lee who played for the Boston Red Soxs. I therefor dub Doc Ellis,  Doc ‘Acidhead’ Ellis. No word yet if Bill Lee was into LSD.