Kafka in Alabama

Kafka by R. Crumb


When does 1+1+1+1+1=4?

When you are intrapped by the Alabama so called “Justice” system.

If you have not read it yet go here for Jackie’s Godsmacking post on peeing for The Man. Or Massive Fucking Bitch in this case.



Having grown up in an “alliterative belief system” I have continued to study the folk ways of the Americas as an adult. Voo Doo is a system from a people who owned nothing. Not even their body’s. The slaves made their magic from what they remembered of home, from the desperate sweat and blood of an oppression that killed, from the trash heap. As one friend remarked “Master wasn’t making his own bed.”


Easier than you might think to get the bits you need. It scared the living shit out of Master, because it worked.


voo doo cover




Most know the author Jim Haskins for The Cotton Club. But this is my favorite book of his. At last a voo doo book with an index!  There is a whole chapter on “In Matters of Law” Check this out.




Eggs enjoy considerable importance in conjure to avoid the law or prosecution. Usually, but not always, the names of the parties concerned are written on them.

Mrs. S. obtained several eggs from a pure white chicken. On them she wrote the names of the judge, prosecuting attorney and prosecution witnesses. The night before the trial was to begin she drove to the courthouse and at midnight tossed the eggs up onto the building roof. They broke.” The outcome of this was a suspended sentence.


Jackie’s got lots of chickens. And I’m going to come up with something real special for this Bitch who thinks she can fuck with my sister.  


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