A Day in Spenard


the hood 6.3.09

the hood 6.3.09 Page_2

the hood 6.3.09 Page_3






Dont get me wrong it’s been a super nice day just to cruse The Hood. This evening the place is alive with kids, some having a water balloon battle, some riding their BMX bikes, BBQ’s with music coming out of auto doors. I’d take more pic’s of it, but well know parents don’t like strangers doing that to their kids. And some of the adults have legit reasons for not wanting pictures of themselves on any one’s stupid ass blog.


I want one of those graffitied walls. I know I can do better. Have done better in the past.

the hood P 1a

In the Box tomorrow. Best get my ass to bed. Hard to sleep these Alaska summer nights way. It would be so perfect a night for a rattle can and a skull stencil.


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  1. Ang,
    get in touch with me…another mural in Spenard would be a welcomed site!

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