Earth, Fire…

Spent the day taking pics for entries into Earth, Fire, Fibre at the museum this year. I don’t go for juried shows very often. And sexist me, never if it is a male juror. I’ve only once made a show juried by a dude. I’ve just given up on them.


Alfred 1

This is Alfred.

I made him from a mechanical Halloween bat, a fire distressed fox skull from my homegirl L. and chicken chunks from Jackie. 

Alfred 2


Yes his wings still work.

I was also on vicodin while I made him. Recovering from knee surgery. 




Third Eye Bear


Third Eye Bear

He’s so cute!!!


I did this one sitting in the rain, the endless fucking rain, while in McCarthy during last years non-summer. 


Spenard Metal Queen                     Spenard Metal Queen.


Yeah, I’ll put a dollar amount on them for sale if they make it in. But it’s going to cost some one a lot. I love them all.



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