Drop Acid and play ball!

Steve’s into baseball, my friend Will is also.

What I notice is guys wearing weird shoes spiting chew all over the place. Balls are  thrown at some dude wearing a Hanibal Leticter mask throwing gang signs in his crotch. So here’s a way to make a strange game even more weird.

LSD baseball 6.12.09Baseball p2

This Baseball factoid has been on the frig for a long long time.  In Fact, by Louis R Biro 1999. Brother Bruce said that Doc got called the ‘spaceman’. I wonder it there was an after game interview some where.  Bet that was fun.


I have been told by both Steve and Will that “The Spaceman” was one Bill Lee who played for the Boston Red Soxs. I therefor dub Doc Ellis,  Doc ‘Acidhead’ Ellis. No word yet if Bill Lee was into LSD.


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