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Red Eye

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Man, what the fuck up with this?

I didn’t get into a fight, I didn’t fall off my bike, I can’t even remember a bug getting up under my sport glasses while out biking.

I noticed it last night, it doesn’t hurt so I just went to bed. Got a big scare this morning. The sunlight and the angle of the mirror I was using made it look like my pupil had blown. (for those who don’t know that can happen when you use strong hallucinogenic drugs. No iris, all pupil.) Boy that made my heart skip a beat. I haven’t done acid or shrooms in a long ass time. So this was happening for some other reason. Having uneven pupils is really bad.

But change of light showed that I still had some iris. Still kinda weird. And it’s a bit better today. I’ll sleep on it. See what it looks like in the am. 

In The Box tomorrow, so it will be 5 the fuck in the morning when I look at it next.



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hand colored rose.Took some color pencils to this Rose print. I think it looks better with the color. Which means I fucked up on the cutting. Not enough contrast. 

I have one more piece of 4×6″ lino and a 1.5×4″ scrap. I have more lino, but feeling I need a break. Those goat bones are kinda calling my name. And I like doing assemblage in the fall. 

What I really need to do is get my shit together for a show next year. 

dry ride


With all the rain and flood we’ve been having just how do you keep your ass dry? Buckets work great in the back yard.

I just keep a plastic bag tucked under my saddle. But if I had to store my ride out in the rain and snow,  this is a good trick.

It’s still Summer!

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Garden 7.29.09garden 2 7.29.09

Mail Call

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box o bones p1box o bones p2

Oh, wonderful.

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graffitiAnother Alaskan Ex-pat, David H. has told me the meaning behind this graffiti. Read this report from the Southern Poverty Law Center for the ugly. 


shark graffiti


I like this sharky guy a lot better. South side of the old Mat-su milk building.

Don’t call me paranoid.

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I have tried to avoid linking to news sites on this blog. But after posting on crimethinc’s latest pubulation I read these. Just gotta link, they are so on the issue.

Gore Vidal is old, but has his  brains intact.

Let us accept the facts staring us in the face—that demonstrably we are no longer a republic. We are no longer governed by laws, only by armed men and force.

America the Great… Police State.

Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! If I was asked for the five bravest women in the US, Amy Goodman would be on that list.

 Declassified Docs Reveal Military Operative Spied on WA Peace Groups, Activist Friends Stunned.

So, when I met him, he admitted to several things. He admitted that, yes, he did in fact spy on us. He did in fact infiltrate us. He admitted that he did pass on information to an intelligence network, which, as you mentioned earlier, was composed of dozens of law enforcement agencies ranging from municipal to county to state to regional and several federal agencies, including Immigration Customs Enforcement, Joint Terrorism Task Force, FBI, Homeland Security, the Army in Fort Lewis. 

So he admitted to other things, too. He admitted that the police had placed a camera, surveillance camera, across the street from a community center in Tacoma that anarchists ran called the Pitch Pipe Infoshop. He admitted that there were police that did put a camera up there to spy on anarchists, on activists going there. 

Don’t call me paranoid. 

New Images

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Wow, haven’t posted much in the last week and a half. Weather changes and some new meds. Palin out-o-office, she’s every bodies problem now. The national soap opera of the ‘Birthers”.  A Professor who is a personal friend of Obama’s getting busted, oh he’s black. Shockingly, (“My monocle!” as Jackie would say.) black dudes get busted for ‘contempt of cop’ every day. Mean while health care for those who have none, and who are very poor, is being decided upon by people who have really really good health care and who are very rich. Playing hell with my GI track, the meds, the politics. It’s all laying me low.

But got into printing Sunday evening.

tri image



Not bad. 








The magical floating six pack. Added to the Loteria Card gallery.



White chainring


Printing on black paper. 

The hard part was scanning it in to the lap top. Scanner doesn’t like black paper.



Red chainring



Yeah, Ride Revolution Ride.




RT cover




Speaking of revolution this is the latest publication from the the good folks at crimethinc.




Greece photos

The Greek sure know how to throw a riot.

Information on actions in Greece, Mexico, Oakland CA and….




Nice day to get busted

What a nice day to get busted.

Lots and lots on the RNC in the Twin Cities. Only $5!!! Hit the link and step out of your information isolation.

Page_1My oldest book. And like an anarchist I got it for almost nothing. 

The some of the essays, Minorities versus Majorities, The Traffic in Women, Patriotism: A Menace to Liberty, could have been written last week. 

 This last winter Brother B Hutton wrote a play, Emma and Adolf. Centered around the Haymarket riots and who got hung and who got radicalized.  At MTS August 7.  An Open/Close event 8:00-10pm.

I will be in The Box those days. Please attend if you can.