Rider down.

Was in K-Bros tuesday with my homegirl L. Where I saw that one of our Spenard riders bit it big time last week.

rider 7.1.09


  Oh, honey.





rider down 7.1.09


She is one lucky rider, as she was not wearing a helmet. Got away with hanging out at the ER for a few hours, and now kinda looks like a football player.


Later that day I read of the rider who died after being hit by an auto. No luck at all, and sounding dumb. Riding against the light, while talking on a cell phone. TSTL, To Stupid To Live.

I’ve almost been run over on a daily basis this last week and a half.  Drivers on cell phones, looking only left when making a right turn, waiting for the light in the ped crossing. Or their just being an asshole. I wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet may make you look like a dork. But it’s better than dead, or alive with half a brain, in diapers and no personally.


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