Wow, didn’t see this one coming. I must remind you all that vampires are hard to kill.

But with rumors of indictments to come this might be the end of Sara Palin.






In other news.

Did you know that teachers in Southern California have been out on hunger strike? And that high school students have walked out of their classes of 45+. That’s not education, that’s a storage facility. 


Scroll down, but take the time to check out what else is happening Cali. 


What’s a CMU? As per the prison system of the United States? It is a Communication Management Unit.

Amy Goodman at Democracy Now inerviews Andrew Stepanian, animal rights activist who recently served a twenty-six-month federal prison sentence including six months in a Communication Management Unit in Marion, Illinois.





And if any one remembers Leonard Peltier and what happen at the Pine Ridge Reservation, He has a parole hearing on July 27th. 




Finally, a few years back I worked with a young man who could speak and write in Farsi. One of the languages spoken in Iran. When I asked him why such a genius as he, who could be making a buttload of money elsewhere, what the fuck he was doing in Alaska, he said, “Skiing” Fair enough. Before he left I asked him for this. 

Farsi Spenard 7.4.09

At least those folks in Iran protested their stolen election. That we in the US would have done that in 2001. The world would be a better place today.



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