Chainrings and new images

iron oddJackie down in Bama sends me stuff she finds in the old barn she’s slowly taking apart. Bottles and oddments of iron long gone rusty. 

What were these things for? 

Sheila and I were talking collaboration with this stuff. A winter project.

skulls from Bama


Skulls and bones. Opening a box from Jackie is like Goth Christmas. 




Chainring 1


And this wonderful rusty bike chainring. I inked that puppy up and put it though my press. 




Chainring 2


Becuase of the pressure of the printing,  the image I get is changing each time. The rust is chipping off.

I love this thing. Who made it and where? What factory that no longer stands.  Now it’s a symbol. 

Can’t keep this one to my self. Copy Left, share and share alike. 

rose small



There are new images on the Loteria Gallery. 


Back to the job tomorrow. It’s hot in that store. I wonder how many liters of water I’ll end up drinking?


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  1. severnyproductions Says:

    The chainring is an interesting shape the print looks good

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