The Homeless Shuffle

sleeping man

I heard on the radio today that the city Assembly passed a ordnance against the homeless on Tuesday. There was little public notice, and only a few, got up to speak against it. Now the police only needs to give 12 hours notice before removing a camp. Wonderful. This fall and winter, way to get some one dead. 


How about ordnance for a livable wage? How about a ‘housing first’ program? How about a place for the poor to camp. There isn’t enough affordable housing in the Anchorage bowl, how about some more of that?


I can heard it now, “Costs money, I don’t want to live next to ‘them'” Got news for you. It is costing money and you are already living next to ‘them‘. 


This is just going to make people hide deeper in the woods, if they can. Or drag all their stuff with them. Bag Ladies and Shopping Cart Bums. “We’ve been finding them dead on the side of the bike trails.” Yes, and now you will find them dead in a ally, or in a parking lot. Tucked between dumpster and wall. In the winter when homeless people walk and walk trying to stay warm at night, half out of it crossing a street. Hit by a truck and dead again. 


No one should think that they would never need a sheather. That housing will always be there. When we are all one bad earthquake or fire from losing everything. 



Another body in the woods as per the ADN site on this Sunday 7.12 What is this the eighth one? How many will have to die before a camp is set up somewhere?


3 Responses to “The Homeless Shuffle”

  1. I find it interesting that you pick out all of the quarky nuances of places that I spend tons of time around and somehow seem to miss. Perhaps I need to stop and smell the… homeless?

  2. By the way, I’m not ignorant about the problem, in fact, I hope to evoke some change with my senior project.

  3. Really? It’s stupid, the city needs to sack up and do the right thing for once.

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