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Wow, haven’t posted much in the last week and a half. Weather changes and some new meds. Palin out-o-office, she’s every bodies problem now. The national soap opera of the ‘Birthers”.  A Professor who is a personal friend of Obama’s getting busted, oh he’s black. Shockingly, (“My monocle!” as Jackie would say.) black dudes get busted for ‘contempt of cop’ every day. Mean while health care for those who have none, and who are very poor, is being decided upon by people who have really really good health care and who are very rich. Playing hell with my GI track, the meds, the politics. It’s all laying me low.

But got into printing Sunday evening.

tri image



Not bad. 








The magical floating six pack. Added to the Loteria Card gallery.



White chainring


Printing on black paper. 

The hard part was scanning it in to the lap top. Scanner doesn’t like black paper.



Red chainring



Yeah, Ride Revolution Ride.




RT cover




Speaking of revolution this is the latest publication from the the good folks at crimethinc.




Greece photos

The Greek sure know how to throw a riot.

Information on actions in Greece, Mexico, Oakland CA and….




Nice day to get busted

What a nice day to get busted.

Lots and lots on the RNC in the Twin Cities. Only $5!!! Hit the link and step out of your information isolation.

Page_1My oldest book. And like an anarchist I got it for almost nothing. 

The some of the essays, Minorities versus Majorities, The Traffic in Women, Patriotism: A Menace to Liberty, could have been written last week. 

 This last winter Brother B Hutton wrote a play, Emma and Adolf. Centered around the Haymarket riots and who got hung and who got radicalized.  At MTS August 7.  An Open/Close event 8:00-10pm.

I will be in The Box those days. Please attend if you can.


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