Red Eye

Man, what the fuck up with this?

I didn’t get into a fight, I didn’t fall off my bike, I can’t even remember a bug getting up under my sport glasses while out biking.

I noticed it last night, it doesn’t hurt so I just went to bed. Got a big scare this morning. The sunlight and the angle of the mirror I was using made it look like my pupil had blown. (for those who don’t know that can happen when you use strong hallucinogenic drugs. No iris, all pupil.) Boy that made my heart skip a beat. I haven’t done acid or shrooms in a long ass time. So this was happening for some other reason. Having uneven pupils is really bad.

But change of light showed that I still had some iris. Still kinda weird. And it’s a bit better today. I’ll sleep on it. See what it looks like in the am. 

In The Box tomorrow, so it will be 5 the fuck in the morning when I look at it next.

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  1. did you hold in a sneeze? i had the same thing happen to me when i worked at BadAss. handing a coffee out the window, i needed to sneeze…so i held it in to avoid spaying sneeze jizz on the customer. it broke the blood vessels in my eye, making it look like yours.

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