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Ugly in Spenard

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Went out for a short ride in Spenard.

DropzoneThe ‘Dropzone’  (corner of Spenard and McCain) has been open way too long.The last thing Spenard needs are more guns.

You can’t see the posters they have in their windows when you’re speeding by in a car.

racist poster

You read about this crap on line. You see the images. But when you see it for your self, on the street, it affects you differently.

Racist. Racist. Racist.

******************UPDATE****Oct. 2010******UPDATE******

Wow one little link from Shannyn Moore and this post comes back to life. In a big way. Over a 1,000 hits. Welcome to my blogy home. While reading this post, please check this related post out.

I’m proud of my art, here’s a comic that us paranoids from both the right and the left could love    Cameras


Sometimes I have no idea…

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DD 8.25.09


Sometimes I have no idea why I draw what I draw.

At least it’s kinda pretty.

Bikes in Midtown.

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wart-martI stopped by “The Darkside” today.

There are two different kinds of things that I buy here. One, trash art supplies. They are all made in China, carried only by the best cheap ass stores. It is the type of ‘art’ stuff I grew up with. Glitter paint, precut wood things, fuzzy color pipe cleaners. Sometimes I need a fix. It’s like comfort food.

Two, over the counter pain killers. The cheapest in town, and I eat a lot of them.


bike rack 8.24.09



The bike racks here are always full. Summer and winter.




bungie lock


Locking up my LeRoy I noticed this. Wow.





bike shadows


I’m snapping this one, (I like the shadows) and hear someone behind me.

It’s the bungee cord bike’s rider.

He’s just a kid. Could still be in high school. “Dude, I was noticing your lock” I also noticed his cool skully t-shirt. “Yeah, it’s cheap, but risky”

rust 8.24.09


My God, he seemed sincere. He thinks about risk in loosing this?

Way to break my heart.

I fist bumped him on the shoulder, “Ride Safe.” “Thanks”


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It has been a crappy day. My knees feel like they are in a vice.

rain 8.22.09leak


It wasn’t dripping, it was streaming.

I don’t care, El Rancho is still the bestest home I’ll ever have.





Oh and today is a sad anniversary for anarchists. Today in 1927  a twin execution took place.

A great crowd assembled in Union Square on August 23,1927. A few minutes after midnight, prison lights dimmed as the two men were electrocuted. The New York World described the scene: “The crowd responded with a giant sob. Women fainted in fifteen or twenty places. Others, too overcome, dropped to the curb and buried their heads in their hands. Men leaned on one anothers’ shoulders and wept.” 

 Howard Zinn’s brilliant essay on the deaths of Sacco and Vanazetti.

Their ultimate crime was their anarchism, an idea which today still startles us like a bolt of lightning because of its essential truth: we are all one, national boundaries and national hatreds must disappear, war is intolerable, the fruits of the earth must be shared, and only through organized struggle against authority can such a world come about.

If wish I had enough spay paint and cover to get this on a wall. That would help me feel better.

Rx Brain

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Rx Brain


My brain on drugs. Legal drugs. Not nearly as much fun as the ‘other’ drugs I’ve taken in my life.

But I guess these will keep me alive longer. 

In The Box for the next two days.

Earth Surf!

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Wow, did you feel it? That was a long wave.

Nice! 5.1!!! About 42 miles west of us. Core Dude!

The Homeless

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We are a little under a month to equinox. But I tasted Fall air today. It is the angle of the sun. The mix of plant smells and wind is different. A little cooler, a little older. 


I went out and cruised The Hood. Checking out the streets I don’t normally ride down.


I cruise and wonder, were would I hide? Where would I go in this chunk of Spenard if I was homeless? You’d have to stay low to the ground or hide in some micro green belt with trees. 






The only truly empty building that a person might squat in is boarded up tight.



I think this as another homeless person is found dead. And another woman assaulted. How many this summer? How many of the homeless dead and/or raped? Eight, ten? That we, the public know about. People will blame the alcohol. Being a alcoholic doesn’t mean you deserve to die. Being homeless doesn’t mean you deserve to be raped.


Nor do you deserve to be discriminated against if you are LGBT. Dear readers, you have no idea how often I get called ‘Sir’. I admit that with my size XL body and bike gear it can be hard to tell from a distance. But sometimes, some one will realize their ‘mistake’. Then they get mad. My androgyny makes their certitude feel not so certain any more.


I was leaving Carrs the evening that the mayor veto Ord. #64. Done with my shopping and unlocking my bike. When this kid comes up to me, shoving a fucking Chick tract in my face. “Sir, this is something for you to read.”


Chick tracts have been around forever. Just like the racist homophobic brand of Christianly they promote. Jackie collects them, they are so over the top. I’d take the fucking thing normally and mail it to her with the next Box-o-vice. But this day I was not into it. “I’m not a ‘Sir’ and I don’t want your damn tract.” A low ‘I will cut your throat if you touch’ me growl. The kid took two steps back and bailed.


And today I got a knock on the door from the Jehovah Witnesses. What am I? Some sort of rite of passage for new missionaries?


















Does this look like the front porch of some one who is ready to be converted? 


It is the passers of the homophobic track that will be protected in this town, by our new mayor. 


If you are branded as “The Other” the Homeless, the LGBT, the Brown, The Poor, well kiss your ass good-by.


Winter is coming and it is looking to be a long one.