Good News!

One, my bloody eyeball is not as bloody. That’s good. Last thing you want is having to go to the doc’s on a weekend. 

Two, Alfred is going on a trip. State wide.

Alfred 2






Alfred 1



Got into Earth, Fire, and Fiber! And the opening is on my birthday! How sweet is that? 

My Homegirl L gave me the fox skull. She swore it is legal. I sure hope so, or Alfred won’t be the only one to be taking a trip.


Three, innovation is not dead.

Simon 1


  Meet Simon.





Simon 2


I met him outside of Carrs tonight. He laughed when I asked to take his pic. “Everybody wants to do that.” He said that it took him about a month to build this trailer. It looks really heavy to me, but I guess that recumbent tri he uses can handle it. Shows you how strong that riding position is. I wanted to ask some more questions but he was worried about his ice cream melting. Before we parted he asked if I liked riding my bike. I told him I had never owned a car and loved riding my bike. “I don’t like to drive ether, too much trouble.” 

Four, I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. Super slow in there today. The 3/4 of Anchorage has gone fishing. I keep pushing for a gerenal strike on days like today. See you at the tribe BBQ!


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  1. I agree with Simon that “driving is too much trouble” and the bicycle is one way to go… Dealing with my truck and the rent payment has been so consuming as of late.. I’ll spare the details. As of late, it’s hard for me to grasp just how difficult it can be to make certain life changes… Time will tell, i reckon?

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