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Sunshine Breaks

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D st cats



Got that 15 year plus D st. Cafe couch out of the house. 









D  st cats 2



It is headed for the dump, but for now the cats are loving it. 








Been taking that break from lino cutting. 

skull a case













Skull a case 2


It’s a pillowcase.


I like sewing by hand. I learned early thanks to my Mom. Doing cross stitch by the time I was six.




Biking around Spenard while the sun was shining. I watched a man with an empty 40-oz in his hand. At some point he had split the back of his pants out. Staggering bare ass down Spenard.


I came out of K-bros and glanced at a man sitting by the bike racks. My first thought is that he’s way bundled up for such a warm day. He noticed me and speaks “Do you think the lions will try to eat me again this year?” I stopped. I mean the question is a stopper. “Yes, I think they will. They will take you if they can. Have you ever seen the pictures of the guys in India that wear masks on the back of their heads, so the tigers think the dudes are looking at them?” 


This is true, I’ve seen those pics. And I’ve read many stories of bikers in California getting nailed by Mountain Lions. Much scarer than bears. The cats hunt you. I start to unlock my bike. Looking down at the lock I catch sight of his shoes. Dressed for October, and no socks on his feet.

“Yes, I’ve seen those pictures.”


By now I’ve got my bike unlocked. “Watch your back.” “I will.” I pedal off, going home in Spenard.