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Would you like some tea?

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It seems to be getting rough out there in the Lower 48. Those Teabaggers. Who will swallow anything that reaffirms the worldview that came crashing down the night a Black Man went into the White House.


Palin, their Mother Bear. The Teabaggers live in a scary world. At every turn they find something evil, something to purge. Mother Bear can make it all ok.


 “…ruled by psychological maneuvers to rid oneself of all “bad” thoughts, fantasies, and feelings, and to possess, if not merge with the idealized mother.”


The book is Beneath the Crust of Culture by Howard Stein. You got to dust off your psych 275 to get though this one. But it’s been helping me understand these Teabaggers. There is a psychology of fascism. 


As a teen I lived in Spokane. It is a short drive from there to the HQ of the Aryan Nations. Militant, Racist, Violent and still there. From my perspective I’ve been living next door to this kind of pathology my whole life.


Anchorage might get our own Teabagging moment in the street. Monday downtown. Early. If I wake up in time I might go for it.


What I will be going to is Tuesday at ANHC. Lunch with Sen. Lisa Murkowki. I’m not sure if there is a Q and A. But I’ve been trying to think of a good question to ask if I get the chance.


There’s much I’d like to tell her. Loudly, like those Teabaggers. But I’m fond of the staff at ANHC. And I’ve seen some very frail old people in there. I will be respectful of both.


The Teabaggers on Monday are an another matter. Camera or Bullhorn? (Yes, I have one 🙂 ) Wrist guards or knee pads? First aid kit or anarchist stickers?  Any body want to come with me?Give a shout, coffee and street level politics. Could be fun.


One more day in The Box.