The Protest I didn’t go to.

Sunday was a long ass day, so I did not make it downtown for Teabaggers vs. Progressives. There are posts on  Mudflats and Immoral Minority. Both of those folks are on it. And Steve has some excellent audio on APRN.


I will for sure be going to the clinic for lunch with Sen Lisa Murkowki tomorrow.

town square

Damn it’s been a nice day. I did go downtown about 1pm, after getting up at the crack of noon. Just to see if there were any remnants of the morning. I saw a few team T-shirts in twos and tens. A bunch of signs laying on the ground. The Teabaggers taking a lunch break. Town Square being what it needed to be.  A place to hang out.


B. and Buzz


B. Hutton, Buzz and I hung out at Bernie’s. Talking the politics of the day over icy drinks. 

We had more fun than these pictures show. 



Ahhh icy drink





Bar Dog suffering in the sun.















         Yes, that is a Margarita in a pint glass.                        

Unable to solve the worlds issues with tequila I did one more cruise of downtown before going back to Spenard.

crisis poster


There were a few of these posted around the convention area. There before the protesters, and all that was left after they were gone. Which group is the most effective? Did any one have a new thought? Or was every one digging deeper into their own worldview?

Groups working in crisis mode. The crisis is real but manipulated. When you read The Shock Doctrine it becomes clear that crisis benefits only one type of entity, Large Corporations. The Deathless Ones. The ‘see you in court till you die’ Corporations. 

Who will remember the protesters? How long will the posters last?

CSP 8.10.09


And when will this scene never need to be repeated?


The Crisis continues.




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