It has been a crappy day. My knees feel like they are in a vice.

rain 8.22.09leak


It wasn’t dripping, it was streaming.

I don’t care, El Rancho is still the bestest home I’ll ever have.





Oh and today is a sad anniversary for anarchists. Today in 1927  a twin execution took place.

A great crowd assembled in Union Square on August 23,1927. A few minutes after midnight, prison lights dimmed as the two men were electrocuted. The New York World described the scene: “The crowd responded with a giant sob. Women fainted in fifteen or twenty places. Others, too overcome, dropped to the curb and buried their heads in their hands. Men leaned on one anothers’ shoulders and wept.” 

 Howard Zinn’s brilliant essay on the deaths of Sacco and Vanazetti.

Their ultimate crime was their anarchism, an idea which today still startles us like a bolt of lightning because of its essential truth: we are all one, national boundaries and national hatreds must disappear, war is intolerable, the fruits of the earth must be shared, and only through organized struggle against authority can such a world come about.

If wish I had enough spay paint and cover to get this on a wall. That would help me feel better.


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