Bikes in Midtown.

wart-martI stopped by “The Darkside” today.

There are two different kinds of things that I buy here. One, trash art supplies. They are all made in China, carried only by the best cheap ass stores. It is the type of ‘art’ stuff I grew up with. Glitter paint, precut wood things, fuzzy color pipe cleaners. Sometimes I need a fix. It’s like comfort food.

Two, over the counter pain killers. The cheapest in town, and I eat a lot of them.


bike rack 8.24.09



The bike racks here are always full. Summer and winter.




bungie lock


Locking up my LeRoy I noticed this. Wow.





bike shadows


I’m snapping this one, (I like the shadows) and hear someone behind me.

It’s the bungee cord bike’s rider.

He’s just a kid. Could still be in high school. “Dude, I was noticing your lock” I also noticed his cool skully t-shirt. “Yeah, it’s cheap, but risky”

rust 8.24.09


My God, he seemed sincere. He thinks about risk in loosing this?

Way to break my heart.

I fist bumped him on the shoulder, “Ride Safe.” “Thanks”


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