Ugly in Spenard

Went out for a short ride in Spenard.

DropzoneThe ‘Dropzone’  (corner of Spenard and McCain) has been open way too long.The last thing Spenard needs are more guns.

You can’t see the posters they have in their windows when you’re speeding by in a car.

racist poster

You read about this crap on line. You see the images. But when you see it for your self, on the street, it affects you differently.

Racist. Racist. Racist.

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Wow one little link from Shannyn Moore and this post comes back to life. In a big way. Over a 1,000 hits. Welcome to my blogy home. While reading this post, please check this related post out.

I’m proud of my art, here’s a comic that us paranoids from both the right and the left could love    Cameras

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  1. that’s just sad, and they are pathetic people.

  2. Seeing each other as human seems so tough for some but it is our first, last and only significant task.

    And to do that we need to engage in conversation not just condemnation… but it is tough when all I see around is scorn, condemnation and other forms of hate.

  3. It’s clear they’re confused. Fascism is not spending public money to make health-care affordable for all people in a society but it is intolerance of other races, cultures, etc., and using labels and distortion and deceit and deliberate poisoning of public information channels to grab power and relegate those hated groups to second-class status or worse. … As for Socialism, there ain’t anything wrong with America that a little Socialism couldn’t cure.

  4. William Fulton Says:


    I am the owner of the Dropzone your assumption that we are racist is way off the mark. We are a very political and racially diverse group of veterans that are doing our best to run a small business that does not sell guns. We support local artists and have donated thousands of dollars worth of equipment to some of the high schools in town for youth programs that’s how awful we are oh we do charity work to. We have a staff of 45 over 90% of those guys are newly medically discharged and we are the only ones giving them jobs and a safe place to work through the horrors of war. I am available at any time to debate the merits or lack there of, on any political or social issue you choose but a blanket statement of “Racist” is a cheep cop out. Pico Fascism is the marriage of private business interests with the government by definition so the federal government owning banks and car companies is very fascistic in nature and socialism is bad it breeds a welfare state where people believe that the state is responsible to provide for them instead of providing for themselves. I am disappointed that instead of asking questions you have chosen to make assumptions about weapons, and racism that are false.

    • Your poster of Obama is RACIST. Fine, you don’t sell guns. And I’d like a socialist welfare state. Kinda like the fire dept. And a single payer health care system would be great.

    • I”m with Ang and nearly every other response here, that poster is 100% racist. If you have not noticed, every single nation in the history of humanity can only run on socalist programs – the false accusations that this health care REFORM bill will permantly cripple us is laughable and sad

      When you can show that you are intellignt and can bring up RELEVANT facts in a conversation, then we can talk. Otherwise, keep plastering up your racisim

    • Amy Etkind Says:

      The government doesn’t OWN the banks it bailed out, it LOANED them money, knuckledragger. And they bought stock in the car companies so the car companies would have some CASH to change tactics and save jobs. Most of that money has been REPAID. I know that’s a hard thing for you to understand, but facts are facts. You want to talk about the government and big business being in bed together? Halliburton got no-bid contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan BECAUSE DICK CHENEY DEEMED IT SO. Dick Cheney, in case you didn’t research it, took a leave of absence from his job as CEO of HALLIBURTON, when he decided he was the best man to be King George II’s VP. And Dick Cheney also ran the Bush energy plan, which he had his buddies in BIG OIL and COAL write for him. His policies were written by Ken Lay, the late, unlamented CEO of ENRON (may he rot in hell) and other business tycoons who were looking to profiteer off of the Bush Gravy Train. In fact, it was these criminals and their cronies in the Government that drove our economy into the ditch. Yet nobody on the right will cop to that. THAT is Fascism, my friend, on a global scale.

      Do you really think that every person is an individual island, needing NOTHING from anyone? Do you use electricity? Water? Soap? Telephone lines? Do you drive on roads, buy food in a grocery store? There are certain things that are better done collectively, and we agree to do those things collectively as a society, through the government and by the electoral process. Roads are one thing that business wouldn’t do out of “the kindness of their hearts”. Schools, police, fire fighters are other things we are better off having as a collection of citizens. Street lights, a standing army, mail service. Privatize those things and everything goes to the highest bidder. Can’t afford to pay the police bill? Awww, too bad that your wife and daughters were raped, beaten, tied to their beds and BURNED ALIVE and that you nearly got the shit beaten out of you, Dr. Petit, but you shoulda paid the Cop Bill? SERIOUSLY?

      And EVERYONE who has 2 functional brain cells KNOWS that the sign in your window is RACIST. There certainly are NOT any with BUSH or CHENEY’S faces on them.

    • sadsack with flashbacks Says:

      Hiring twitchy PTSD grunts as rentacops. Good plan.

    • Bill Fulton might want to know that doing acts of charity and giving money doesn’t eliminate the fact that his ilk have become the monsters they chase.

      Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
      Watch your words, for they become actions.
      Watch your actions, for they become habits.
      Watch your habits, for they become character.
      Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

      Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy and good with ketchup!

    • William,
      Your posters are very offensive to me and to all real Americans.. I am a Republican and I voted for Obama because I wanted to see change in this country. I have seen change, for the good. Better health care for ALL Americans, better control of Wall Street and the list goes on.

      I too am a disabled Veteran. I get my health care from what you would call a socialist system and if you also get your much deserved health care from the same system, The Veterans’ Administration, then how can you rightfully deny other Americans the same high quality health care?

      You can’t have it both ways. If you find America going down that socialistic road, then give up your VA Health Care. Give up your rights to Social Security. Give up your rights to Medicare.

  5. *******Note from Ang*********
    This is the second comment from Mr. Fulton. I admit that I was going to delete this. Brother Bruce convinced me to do other wise. So here it is, in full, unedited.

    You may choose to see it as racist, I think of it as an urban depiction of protest against a man whom seems to wear a mask of a constitutional scholar and then subverts the constitution. What Obama says and the actions he has taken lead me to believe that he is truly not as he appears. That is the statement that poster makes to me, although as with any art, interpretation is in the eye of the beholder. We put it up to stimulate debate and to have people question what is truly behind this man who is our president. As for socialism and the issue of single payer health care, when did it become my responsibility to not only provide for my family and my employees but to also provide for those whose life choices have lead them to a position where they can’t pay for themselves. I believe in charity don’t get me wrong but I also have a choice to give how much and to whom. We work hard for our money, at what point is it ok to take that money from me against my will and provide it to
    someone else who chooses not to earn there own money. Health care is not a right it is a privilege we live in a country that is able to provide some of the best care in the world because of the system we have not in spite of it. The motivation for profit is the driving force in all of this, because without it those drugs and procedures would never have been created. The argument isn’t weather these things would be great or even the morals of them it is about weather the Federal Government has the authority under the constitution to enact them, are we a country that is going to fallow the rule of law, or one that will discard it anytime we think we can do something better. Look at what Bush did he discarded the constitution and did more to destroy our republic and the rights of its citizens in eight years he was in office than had been done in the 200 years prior. Now it seems that Obama’s “change” is just that a change to a socialistic/fascistic nanny state. I have no problem
    bringing this to a public debate and if the country wills it amending the constitution to allow such actions by the federal government, the problem I have is doing this in-spite of the constitutional and not recognizing it for what it is an illegal power grab by the politicians in Washington. If you think the federal government is so good at running healthcare take a look at the Indian health system, the veteran’s health care or better yet the unfunded liabilities in Medicare they have failed miserably any time they have ventured into healthcare. Just my two cents come on by the shop sometime coffee and conversations are always free.

    • Amy Etkind Says:

      Mr. Fulton, about your idiotic stance on health care reform: it’s not about lifestyle choices made or not made, it’s about insurance companies deciding that they won’t cover a critically ill newborn because its name wasn’t on the policy when the policy was initiated. It’s about a health insurance company, which signed a CONTRACT to pay medical bills presented to it on behalf of its premium-paying customer, deciding that some bean counter stuck in a cubicle 500 miles away knows what’s best for my ailing father than his own doctor does and decides that the BEST medication available to him for one of his conditions is too costly and so he can’t have it until he tried 5 other medications that most likely won’t work, but sure could kill him.

      I have friends in countries where they have Single Payer, also known as Medicare For All. It works like a DREAM. One small dedicated tax covers all basic and emergency services. If you need corrective eyewear, you can buy a rider at a small rate, taken from your paycheck, and not have to worry about shelling out even more money every year for glasses or contacts. Employers don’t have to worry about ever-increasing premium rates and can pass that savings on as good prices, more employees and better pay for those employees. And, oddly enough, they’re actually getting the care they need. I hear all the time about how Canadians are flocking across the border in droves because they have to “wait in long lines” to get surgeries and emergency care. That’s not true at all. Less than 1% come here out of personal choice. And less than 5% come here for true, in-the-moment, this-is-the-closest-hospital-for-100-miles emergency care.

      As for this country, Medicare is doing just fine, thanks. The Indian health system is institutionalized racism that’s been going on since we got here and we’re finally coming to grips with that and working toward fixing it. The problems at the VA stem from people waving flags and yelling USA USA USA, but then voting to not fund the VA system where it needs to be. Also a problem being corrected by this President. Both of these situations have been going on for decades, even centuries. Why are you insisting that this President solves them yesterday, when nobody else has gotten the same demand?

      Medicare has a 3% overhead, which means that out of every dollar paid into the system, only 3 cents is used for administrative costs. Most private insurance companies have or are claiming they need in excess of 25% for overhead.

      Back during the Clinton Administration, Doctor Howard Dean, the physician and former Governor of Vermont, got a waiver to make Medicaid a middle-class entitlement for children under 18. After the program had run for a year or so, he met with a group of business leaders in Vermont, many of whom had butted heads with him about everything and all of whom had been against this new program. When he asked them how it was working for them, they all got uncomfortable and started tugging at their ties and such. So, Dr. Dean asked the head of the group about his experience. He admitted that he had put his kids and the kids of all his employees on the program almost as soon as it launched. He further admitted that it had worked out very well. More of his employees could buy the health insurance he was offering, since kids didn’t need to be taken into account. His bottom line had improved dramatically, as had the happiness level and productivity level of his employees.

      You should really research things before you talk. Google is your friend. Fox and NewsMax are not.

    • Mr. Fulton, I cannot sit here and not respond to you and what I perceive and read in your posts. On the other hand, today I was at the VA seeing my therapist (I am diagnosed with PTSD/Major Depression, Recurrent and Social Anxiety Disorder, among other things – I got my flu shot, by the way – in less than two minutes flat and this is at the busiest VA Hospital in the country, Tampa – I am grateful for the treatment I receive there), and I am tired. Therefore, I will not devote much time to this.

      I am a Vietnam veteran who served honorably. I am a proud Liberal and have been all of my life. I was taught a Progressive worldview by Catholic nuns and priests and I received an excellent education. I put myself through college using Operation Bootstrap (leave with pay) while serving in the military) as well as the older, quite generous G.I. Bill. My civilian career was in Child Protective Services in FL and MA. I was awarded a year of educational leave with pay to complete my Master’s degree. I disclose all of this for a reason.

      1. Your stance on health care reform is idiotic. I lived in Europe (Belgium and France) and I know their single payer health care systems are superb. France has the highest rated health care system in the developed world. By the way, the French, whom you would attempt to demean by calling them “Socialist” or “Communist,” also rate highest on The Happiness Index which measures citizens’ levels of stress, family oriented policies, social safety net programs, pro worker and pro consumer legislation, fair business practices and adequacy of public services – including transportation systems. The French seem to have their act together, do they not?

      2. President Obama is a leader who is smart, dedicated, conscientious, strong, honest, deliberative and I could go on and on. We are very fortunate that he is our president.

      3. The Tea Party represents all that is wrong with the present level of education in the US/ the dumbing down of America. It also demonstrates the lethal threat that the right wing conservatives present in the US. They are an existential threat to the Republic. Candidates like O’Donnnell in Delaware, Angle in New Mexico and Miller, are uneducated, ignorant, narcicistic and they do not seem to have knowledge of our political system and how it works, of the rule of law, of US & world history, of the US Constition, and of so many other concepts and ideas.

      4. Fortunately, Americans may be able to pull back from the brink. Sometimes, as in 2008, the people come through the fog and the votes are cast for candidates who are effective leaders and legislators. Even though millions and millions are being spent by the monied interests and the Capitalists vultures who want to pick the carcass clean. Let’s hope this time your candidate loses, as well as the other incompetents and unqualified Tea Party wannabe politicians.


  6. I am not quite sure how a poster with President Obama wearing a Joker mask is racist. I seem to recall many a poster depicting President Bush as a monkey. Why is that not racist as well? Is it because Bush is white and Obama is only partially white?
    It seems to me that if someone does not agree with President Obama, they are considered racist. Race has nothing to do with why lots of people disagree with his policies. If you are one to jump on the racist bandwagon, shame on you!

    • I suggest that you read some history books on the legacy of slavery and the fight for civl rights. Or try my post here.

      Not as grand as the writings of Howard Zin or Cornel West
      but I gave it a shot.

      Oh, I am shameless. It is a requirement for artists

      • Maybe they are racist, I really don’t know anything about “Dropzone”…but in agreement with elleron, the poster depicts Obama as the Joker from Batman. What is the racial implication that I’m missing here? Bush was depicted as a monkey because he’s an outright idiot…no racism there. If someone wants to depict Obama as a criminal mastermind, I don’t see how that is racist. It’s ridiculously out of touch with reality, but not racist. I did read your other post (at lifeinspenard) and disagree that depicting someone as a fictional criminal who happens to paint his face white is somehow racist. Your criticism is little bit overboard and is what gives rightwing nutjobs ammo for calling liberals and progressives uber-PC left-wing wackos. Despite my disagreement with the message, the Joker/Obama poster is actually a piece of clever political satire. I understand that we aren’t used to seeing anything clever from the right, but give credit where credit is due.

  7. HillbillySkeleton Says:

    The words from W.Fulton seem reasonable enough when framed in the way that he chooses, however, they are just a subterfuge to disguise the rascist undertones of the poster. Artistic licence, hooey!

  8. Leigh Williams Says:

    Mr. Fulton, here is where you analysis falls down: The Constitution allows for much broader powers for the federal government than you seem to think. The debate about what we should do on the federal level, and what on the state and muncipal levels, has been ongoing since our country has been extent. In fact, the Constitution itself arose out of a practical realization that the Articles of Confederation didn’t provide enough power on the federal level to prosecute and pay for a war and to provide a physical and economic infrastructure that would allow the newborn country to be viable. We argue about what should go where and have been doing so for over two centuries now . . . but that doesn’t mean we can’t change our minds, as we did early on when we recognized that roads are a critical infrastructure component, that much of our most important trade is interstate, that fire departments are best handled as a public service locally . . . these discussions and decisions go on and on. There is nothing in the Constitution that prevents us from deciding that health care is a part of our national infrastructure, just as we decided that elder care, both financial and medical, are appropriately done on that level.

    I also take exception to your comment about those whose “life choices have lead them to a place where they can’t pay for themselves.” Given the number of jobs we’ve lost because of the Republicans’ economic policies, surely you recognize that there are literally millions of hard-working people who’ve lost their insurance and, given the unemployment stats, can’t afford health insurance — and that’s assuming they’d been able to buy a policies because they were lucky enough to have no preexisting conditions. My husband got laid off after 25 years of an unbroken and unblemished work record. I couldn’t buy insurance for him at any price.

    I understand that perhaps you don’t recognize this obscene portrayal of the President as racist; but with all the people who’ve surely told you that it is, aren’t you starting to wonder?

  9. jaxparrothead Says:

    1) The government does not own any banks. They simply provided loans to them, and secured those loans with stocks. It’s better than a free bailout. Would you have preferred those banks go under, forcing the FDIC (a govt organization) pay out claims when those banks failed?

    2) The govt doesn’t own any car companies. They simply provided loans to them, and secured those loans with stocks. It’s better than a free bailout. Would you have preferred 10% of our economy fail overnight and over 1/3 of our manufacturing base cease to exist?

    3) The government is not overhauling our healthcare, they are simply mandating everyone have health insurance. You say you don’t want to pay for the healthcare of those who do not have the same work ethic as yourself. When those folks get sick and seek medical attention, who pays for it now? The hospitals and doctors don’t come out of their pocket for that care, they pass that loss along to you and I by means of increased cost. Your still paying for it.

    4) As for the healthcare delivery systems for Native Americans and Veterans, they have suffered decades of neglect. Those systems are getting better, in fact the VA health system is a model for how to fix broken health care delivery. Provisions of the health care act will further improve both programs. No, I am not saying that the VA has great care, but they have gotten better over the last few years (reform started under Bush), in fact it still sucks. It just doesn’t suck as bad.

    5) The health care act has already improved the status of the Medicare Trust fund. It has added almost 10 years onto the solvency of the program.

    Is everything peachy pretty in our healthcare system? Nope, not even close. But the reforms started under “Obamacare’ have only just started, and so far the evidence shows that they will stop the drastic increase in health care cost while at the same time bringing that care to 30-40 million more Americans.

    As for the poster, I don’t consider it racist in and of itself. But, you complain about the bank bailout and the Indian and VA healthcare systems and the Medicare trust fund, and those were done during the Bush admin. Did/do you have the same poster but with President Bush’s face on it? If not, then your either a racist or a hypocrite. Which one are you?

  10. So I have a question for Mr. Fulton, if no one minds.

    Mr. Fulton, being so anti-fascist as you are I’m curious what your opinion was/is on the Bush/Cheney Administration. Secret prisons run by private contractors, torture, allowing private businesses and corporations to write legislation…was that just as bad or is it just because we now have a president with a D after his name?

    I’d be much more inclined to believe your arguments if the poster in your window not only had Obama’s picture but Bush,Cheney maybe even Clinton. But it doesn’t. And I will lay money that since your group is the one who’s into detaining journalists trying to ask a question of a candidate for public office in a public place during a public event, that you have very little against the activities of the Bush/Cheney regime.

    Please feel free to come follow me on Twitter @colierrannd I would love to know how you feel on this.

    Michael J Norton

  11. This really isn’t racist. It’s ugly and alarmist, but it’s not racist.

  12. 1. Obama did not establish Medicare.
    2. Obama did not begin the bailouts of the banks or the auto industry, George W. Bush did.
    I support both by the way, although after all these years many have found a way to abuse the Medicare system. I am hoping Obamacare can rectify some of that.

    Obama’s opponents have tried to suppress the freedom to practice religion and the right for those born in America to be Citizens if both parents are not citizens. Both direct violations of the Constitution. Name one violatiotion on behalf of our President. One.

  13. A minority kidknapped from their homeland and auctioned as slaves has had a vastly different experience historically, socially, and economically from that of the reigning majority. Those in your group are, at least predominantly, I assume, white men depicting a black president. That is what makes it rascist. A smidgen of realism for what it takes to run a country already close to ruin when Pres. Obama took office might be in order as well.

    Every day we have the opportunity to elevate the discussion by making choices about who we want to be that enhance our world, or we can choose to crawl in our bellies in the muck and ignore those who are suffering without adequate care. I choose for compassion. You will feel better about yourself and your place in humanity if you do too.

  14. Clearly, racism is at the bottom of Dropzone’s very existence. They are losers who only seek to justify their own inability to do well in this horrible fascist culture that has, ironically, been brought about by so-called conservatives running as Republicans. Blaming the first black president for the actions of the drunken, coke-addled thief-in-chief Bush is typical of the lack of individual responsibility of the non-rich republican voter.

  15. Pico Alaska Says:

    To learn the historical context regarding some of the 1950s and 1960s antecedents of today’s ultra-rightists (Tea Party, Beck, et al), and why this time is different and more dangerous, please read this piece from last week’s New Yorker:

  16. I see that you haven’t posted my reply. Are you not into sharing opposing views?

    • Brett. Sorry I think your comment got caught in with some spam. Please feel free
      to repost. Play nice, be coherent and to the point and your comment will be posted.

      It’s really weird to have so many hits. I kinda wish it had been for some art stuff,
      but I like Tony. Those guys were wanta be cops. And that’s not how I’d run any
      security opp given to me.

  17. […] operatives. Not disclosing full names and a preference for cash transactions were commonplace. A poster of President Obama as the Joker hangs in their front window. "Bill" has been known to […]

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