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A Bad Reaction

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Oh yuck,

ItchySo it started Sunday at work. “What’s up with your eye?” Part of the skin around my right eye raised up and red. It looked like a burn. By the time I got home I was getting itchy. And those raised up red skin patches were spreading and getting itchier. 

Benadryl put me to sleep. But did nothing for the itchy. Woke up with big red scratches on my body. By Monday night my face was swelling up.

Tuesday morning I was in the Clinic. It was the group visit session. I haven’t been to one of those. But I get down there and I’m the only patient. 

It was obvious that some thing was wrong and getting more wrong. I had two nurses, a visiting doc from Canada, and Dr. B.  hovering over me. I wasn’t worried till I noticed my drug nerd Dr. B. chewing on her nails. 

Lots of questions of what I had been eating drinking working, out in the sun or not. Man when you have a bad reaction to a Rx drug you have a reaction. 

Wednesday I’ve been trying to sleep though this.  I’m back to red and itchy, with the size of my lips almost normal. Not sure about work. Kinda sensitive to dust and stuff right now. We’ll see how I look when I wake up.


Without words.

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college 9.25.09A small part of a much longer college. I made this about two years ago. Brother Bruce was right about the emergency, it’s not going any where. 

Great over view  in The Nation of what happened in Pittsburgh.

The Big Fat Clamp comes down in Pittsburgh

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The weird looking round thing on top of that armor vehicle is a LRAD, Long Range Acoustic Device. The weird things hanging off of it are Federal Police officers. 

The long term effects of LRAD on the human brain is unknown. However,  the short and long term effects of a state police force wearing this kind of riot gear are very well known


The police were everywhere. Pinning down protesters, creating confrontations and randomly stopping and searching. Cops came from Ohio, Florida and Arizona. If their numbers were not enough, they employed anti-protest technology. A Long Range Acoustic Device was employed to beam out high-volume sounds and Twitter-journalist visually identified a microwave heat machine which wasn’t used, but stood at the ready to repel demonstrators. Such tools of repression have no place inside a democratic society.

The Socialist WebZine.

Protests Pittsburgh

Globalization Goes Bankrupt.

Every day counts. Every deferral of protest hurts. We should, if we have the time and the ability, make our way to Pittsburgh for the meeting of the G-20 this week rather than do what the power elite is hoping we will do—stay home. Complacency comes at a horrible price.

Chris Hedges, Truthdig.


I’m really too tired to do more than post these links. The cops are using dogs, please give these brave men and women a glance and a thought.


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So how’s this for a double standard? People in DC on the National Mall, with signs saying that “We are unarmed, this time.” Meaning that they are going to bring guns the next time. They don’t have any cops on them. Didn’t hear about any arrests at all.


Now we have the G20 protests in Pittsburgh. Preemptive arrests. A bus that was parked on private land towed for what was only a ticket offense. A bus that was there only to provide food/first aid for the protesters.


The ACLU/CCR suit, filed Monday, details how over the past several days Seeds of Peace workers have been systematically harassed by Pittsburgh police. This past Friday, police confiscated a school bus from which the group serves food to demonstrators. The group was able to retrieve the bus later that night but only after paying a fine. On Sunday, the Pittsburgh residence where the group was based was raided by more than thirty police officers armed with submachine guns, who demanded to search the premises for weapons.


And and here you have Obama saying that “Big Protests don’t work, don’t matter.”


Well it for sure won’t work if the cops don’t even let you start a peaceful march.  When you jump thought all the permit hoops and they still deny your right to protest. 




Is it any wonder the Black Block starts throwing bricks?

Published, well soon any way.

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Chitina UFO



Remember this?




It was published on the Alaska Dispatch’s site a while back. I got word today that Doug’s story ‘Chitina UFO’ will be published in Cirque summer 2010. With my art!  Sweet!!!

Done enough

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Wow, took long enough for something so small. I’m kinda liking working with college and paint. 

Windy day but I got to go to the clinic for some drugs.  No point in stopping now.

Can you tell the difference?

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terrorist?I got this sticker over 20 years ago while going to collage. The Reagan/Bush years. It was all about South America for me back then. El Salvador, Nicaragua, and we still don’t know all the names of the disappeared. The Reagan administration was for me, the beginning of the parallel worlds. The Right, and the rest. 




Here are two images of Obama. One from The Right, an illustration of racism, which I abhor, and one of political dissent, which I practice. 


racist poster

Obama in whiteface ala the Joker. We all have images in our head of the scary Black Man. From runaway slave posters, to the movie ‘Birth of a Nation’ to Reagan’s “Southern Strategy” the specter of the violent Black Man is an image we can not ‘unsee’ as a culture. There were no images of Obama going hunting during the campaign, the standard sap to the NRA. No-No, Black Man with a gun=taboo. This image has the look and feel of a mug shot. 


(For commentary on ‘They put joker makeup on Bush too’, please go here.)




Disobey is stylistic rip off of Shepard Fairey’s Giant Obey stickers. This image of Andre the Giant has a world wide presence.



Disobey was sent to me by The Stimulator of Submedia TV (I loves me the Stim!) The face is in white, but no suggestion of make up. Almost expressionless, with the brooding quality of the Giant Obey. Not the blank stare of the Joker image. 


Then there is the verbiage attached to the images. Fascism. Socialism.  Two vastly different systems that few could define. Disobey isn’t a label, it is an action. Disobey, dissent, disagree. Were we to obey the giant? Is Obama a giant that we disobey?


Two wars, with only a timeline that changes month to month for ending it. The bank bail out did nothing for me. Yup, no CEO left behind. No prosecution of Bush, Cheney or any of them for trashing the Constitution. We are a nation that should have a living wage, not a minimal wage. 


Disagree, Dissent, Disobey. Like your life depended on it. Because it does. And you don’t have to be a racist to do it.