Nicer in Spenard.

Ahhhh, now this is what I like to see in my Hood. New next to the Buckaroo Club.

Tattoo shopThe artist took only two days for this. Core Dude.

Tat bird 1tat bird 2









There are now three tattoo shops within walking distance of my house.That’s a Hood worth living in!


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  1. Dawn Runs Amok Says:

    Once again Angela, within your amazing blog is a fascinating window into life in Spenard. Thank you!
    It is interesting, and reassuring as well, to watch Spenard constantly shift its balance between light and darkness; between racism and (r)evolution; between poverty and affluence; between the afflicted, the compassionate, and the (a)pathetic. A place of paradox in that while it is a wholly unique corner of space/time, it’s also a strange, often dangerous, and definitely wonderful model of Anchorage, and of our larger society in general.

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