Get up Sid.

The night of September 10th, 2001 I did some thing weird, I turned down the ring tone on the phone. I remember being really tired. “I just want to sleep.”

When I got up in the morning there were two messages for my roommate Sid. “They hit us –turn on the tv, call me” I turned on the tv. And saw what we all saw.  I must have said something out loud. “Ang?” Sid’s room right off the living room. “Get up Sid, some bad shit going on.” Sid is a slow wakeup kind of guy, but this morning he got right up. Told me later that it was something in my voice.

We watched what everybody watched, together. I left when they started showing the people who jumped from The Towers. 

I had the use of Sheila’s studio that Fall. I was working big, and abstractly. It was so sunny that day, and quiet, all the planes grounded. I laid my head against the studio wall sobbing. And I wrote in my journal.

Page_1It wasn’t till much later that I realized that the image was red, white and blue. I mean I knew, but the national connect, it just didn’t register. I saw only anger and fear.

Welcome police state, welcome marshal law. I felt it, right from the start. There are other images I’ve made over the last eight years that I’m still afraid  to put in a show. I dread that knock on the door. Welcome police state, have you gotten used to it? I haven’t.


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  1. My very first reaciton when I saw those images from every angle, from every eyewitness running over and over again for HOURS Was the instant loss of freedom that very day

  2. Hey Ang,

    so how’s life in Spenard these days? Hope you’re getting good and ready for winter. Check out this web site:

    maybe you’ve already seen it; cool rides.


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