Can you tell the difference?


terrorist?I got this sticker over 20 years ago while going to collage. The Reagan/Bush years. It was all about South America for me back then. El Salvador, Nicaragua, and we still don’t know all the names of the disappeared. The Reagan administration was for me, the beginning of the parallel worlds. The Right, and the rest. 




Here are two images of Obama. One from The Right, an illustration of racism, which I abhor, and one of political dissent, which I practice. 


racist poster

Obama in whiteface ala the Joker. We all have images in our head of the scary Black Man. From runaway slave posters, to the movie ‘Birth of a Nation’ to Reagan’s “Southern Strategy” the specter of the violent Black Man is an image we can not ‘unsee’ as a culture. There were no images of Obama going hunting during the campaign, the standard sap to the NRA. No-No, Black Man with a gun=taboo. This image has the look and feel of a mug shot. 


(For commentary on ‘They put joker makeup on Bush too’, please go here.)




Disobey is stylistic rip off of Shepard Fairey’s Giant Obey stickers. This image of Andre the Giant has a world wide presence.



Disobey was sent to me by The Stimulator of Submedia TV (I loves me the Stim!) The face is in white, but no suggestion of make up. Almost expressionless, with the brooding quality of the Giant Obey. Not the blank stare of the Joker image. 


Then there is the verbiage attached to the images. Fascism. Socialism.  Two vastly different systems that few could define. Disobey isn’t a label, it is an action. Disobey, dissent, disagree. Were we to obey the giant? Is Obama a giant that we disobey?


Two wars, with only a timeline that changes month to month for ending it. The bank bail out did nothing for me. Yup, no CEO left behind. No prosecution of Bush, Cheney or any of them for trashing the Constitution. We are a nation that should have a living wage, not a minimal wage. 


Disagree, Dissent, Disobey. Like your life depended on it. Because it does. And you don’t have to be a racist to do it.


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