So how’s this for a double standard? People in DC on the National Mall, with signs saying that “We are unarmed, this time.” Meaning that they are going to bring guns the next time. They don’t have any cops on them. Didn’t hear about any arrests at all.


Now we have the G20 protests in Pittsburgh. Preemptive arrests. A bus that was parked on private land towed for what was only a ticket offense. A bus that was there only to provide food/first aid for the protesters.


The ACLU/CCR suit, filed Monday, details how over the past several days Seeds of Peace workers have been systematically harassed by Pittsburgh police. This past Friday, police confiscated a school bus from which the group serves food to demonstrators. The group was able to retrieve the bus later that night but only after paying a fine. On Sunday, the Pittsburgh residence where the group was based was raided by more than thirty police officers armed with submachine guns, who demanded to search the premises for weapons.


And and here you have Obama saying that “Big Protests don’t work, don’t matter.”


Well it for sure won’t work if the cops don’t even let you start a peaceful march.  When you jump thought all the permit hoops and they still deny your right to protest. 




Is it any wonder the Black Block starts throwing bricks?


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