A Bad Reaction

Oh yuck,

ItchySo it started Sunday at work. “What’s up with your eye?” Part of the skin around my right eye raised up and red. It looked like a burn. By the time I got home I was getting itchy. And those raised up red skin patches were spreading and getting itchier. 

Benadryl put me to sleep. But did nothing for the itchy. Woke up with big red scratches on my body. By Monday night my face was swelling up.

Tuesday morning I was in the Clinic. It was the group visit session. I haven’t been to one of those. But I get down there and I’m the only patient. 

It was obvious that some thing was wrong and getting more wrong. I had two nurses, a visiting doc from Canada, and Dr. B.  hovering over me. I wasn’t worried till I noticed my drug nerd Dr. B. chewing on her nails. 

Lots of questions of what I had been eating drinking working, out in the sun or not. Man when you have a bad reaction to a Rx drug you have a reaction. 

Wednesday I’ve been trying to sleep though this.  I’m back to red and itchy, with the size of my lips almost normal. Not sure about work. Kinda sensitive to dust and stuff right now. We’ll see how I look when I wake up.


3 Responses to “A Bad Reaction”

  1. I hope they have discoverd what the reaction is and how to counter it by now 😦

  2. oh, and I really hope you wont turn into a zombie that would be sad

  3. I saw this movie. It was called District 9.

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