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Day of the Dead reminder

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Candy Skulls

Yow, got my stuff up.

The opening is from 5pm – 7 pm.

More info






But it wouldn’t have happened without Josh.



It’s not any better in France

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Irregular ChildhoodIn Floirac, on May 21, 2009, two cousins, aged 6 and 10 years old, suspected of stealing bicycles, were arrested at the exit of their school and taken to the police station following a complaint filed by the mother of another student for bicycle theft. Two crews and six policemen were mobilized to take away the two little boys, the claimant, her two children, and the bicycles. The Gironde prefecture notes that “the police acted in a well-defined framework, validated by the prosecutor,” before adding: “When we have a complaint for theft and the clues that allow us to identify a suspect, even though it may be a minor, it is incumbent upon us to act.” The Gironde’s Public Security Chief speaks of a “non-event.

Irregular Childhood.  By Gilles Chantraine and Ariane Chottin  |  Vacarme                         At   

Mean while, across the pond

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UK cops




Citizens of the UK who exercise their right to peaceful protest are as screwed as we are.




“Just because you have no criminal record does not mean that you are not of interest to the police,” he said. “Everyone who has got a criminal record did not have one once.”


Yes, and everyone who takes a piss once drank water.


We are all suspects.  The first of a three day series from The Guardian UK. A news source that still has some guts apparently. The surveillance goes on, and don’t forget to wear your hoodie.

El hijo que fue perdido.

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The Son

Homegirl L came back from a trip to the lower 48 wanting to buy a skull from me.

It’s not for her self, but a friend who’s baby boy was stillborn.


I can’t just let any skull go to this Mother. So I made this one special.


The souls of los ninos return on October 31.

Here is a link to the events October 30-Novbemer 1 at Outnorth.



**El hijo que fue perdido. = The son who was lost.**

Day of the Dead

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I was told, recently, that I romanticize death.

skull 10.17.09

Oh yeah, can’t you just feel the love?

Working on Day of the Dead 09. I will be part of the celebrations at Outnorth. The opening will be on Oct. 30. I don’t have the official times yet but 5:30 – 8 pm is a good bet. I will send out updates as I get more information.

Clinic Bike Rack Update

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Dr. Tom sent me a message about my bike rack saga at the clinic. He asked if I had any bright ideas about bike security. I wrote back that I’m full of ideas, both bright and rack

Basically two things need to happen. Take those stupid signs down. Or use some duct tape on them. They are only being ignored and building conflict. There’s were some “No Smoking” signs where the bike ones are now. They were equally ignored and at some point disappeared.

bike rack 2




Two, move the bike rack to the front of the parking lot. Most of bike security is about visibly. 


Most disturbingly Dr. Tom told me that there are no plans for client bike racks at the hoped for new clinic. Staff only. Wow. I am godsmacked. Dr. Tom is too. He fixes bodies, not buildings. You would think that the people who build/design clinics would try and promote psychical actively. Like no parking in the front of the building. Buses and (unfortunately, ambulance) only. How about a nice covered bike rack at the entrance? And autos? Those without a handicap sticker are about a 1/8 mile away. 


Dr. Tom most diplomatically made no speculation on who might have fucked with my saddle. I filled the bolt head with shoe goo. If I need to replace my saddle I will have the time to pick it out. But any one trying to mess with it is going to get way slowed down. 


Well one more day in The Box. Going alittle wiggy in there. The money stinks, dirty dirty money, but you get out early. 








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Joey Ramone

I was in Carrs tonight. I heard the Ramones “I wanna be sedated” followed shortly by “Tom Sawyer” from Rush on the overhead. Wonderbar, two more cherished memories of my youth shot to shit.






I just about hurled. In my minds eye I direct my spew up, up to the ceiling, where it hits a speaker shorting out the whole electric system, with the exception of the emergency lights. The store is looted to bare shelves. 


Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee are spinning in their graves. And the guys in Rush have really bad headaches.