Pondering the PFD and a Mystery

I found my self reluctant to go to the bank today. Not because I was overdrawn, my life is a ‘cash only’ affair. But because most of my PFD was still in the savings account.


It’s all those possibles that I want to hang on to. Last year I got my press, and well, some of it went up in ah, smoke. The rest was spent over the course of the winter. It was cold, remember? Some of my Enstar bills were $100 plus. 


This year Steve gets a big chunk of it. I fear the day I have to leave El Rancho and pay ‘real’ rent in this town. He always tells me “Thank you.” when I give him the cash. No Dude, thank you.


Monday my homegirl L and I went shopping. Hot clothes? Gold Bling? 

PFD Costco

 No we went to Costco and got beans, soy milk, soup, and rice. A new broom, mine is down to nubs. Last night I went to Carrs for those things I don’t need ten of.


I did a small bit of art shopping at Blaines. I actually used all the bristol paper I had. Some black gesso, can never have too much of that. I almost got some paint. But I need to do some inventory of what I have. A new #4 xcto knife, and another #1 brush. Two other things you can’t have too much of.


So what to do with the rest? Been telling my self for weeks I need a new pair of shoes. I already replaced my headlamp that died after, oh, six years. I don’t want it to all go up in smoke. I could try hanging on to it and go to Seattle this winter. I love visiting Seattle. But I hate flying these days. Getting to the gate is not an exercise in security, it is an exercise in obedience.


Which brings us to a mystery.


Went to the clinic on tuesday. Checking in with Dr. B after that nasty, I don’t want a repeat of, Rx drug reaction. At the clinic, where due to a combination of paranoid and good sense I do not use the bike rack.The rack is waaaay in the back unseen by any one.


So I lock up to the rail, by the front door. Where the bike rack should be in the first place. Things went ok in the office. Itchy gone, we can’t play tic tac toe on my arm any more. So we’re going to try again.

bike tools


Coming out unlocking my LeRoy I gab the saddle to swing him around. Hey, my saddle is loose. Like way loose. I carry tools and can fix this in seconds.  After working in a bike shop for about 20 years I can tell you that 99.7% of riders do not have tools when riding in town. I can also tell you that saddle theft is very rare. Because you need a tool to do it. Most thieves carry bolt cutters and just gank the whole bike. 



I check the three other bikes, two on the rail and one tethered to a tree. Their saddles are fine. Who we wonders would want to fuck with my bike just enough to piss me off. (A very unwise choice I might add) Some one who might carry various tools around. A maintenance man perhaps, a jerk who I have had words with before?

clinic rack BS


                     We wonders my precious, yes we do.


*****Going back to the clinic tomorrow after I get out of the box. About 3ish, I have some drugs I need to pick up. If you would like to go with me give a shout.**********

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  1. Ang,

    When doing the ‘stock up’ on stuff like brooms, headlamps, etc. You should first put a shout out list. Some of us might have an extra and you could cross that item off your list. For example, at the moment, I have 4 headlamps.

    It’s what the tribe’s for…

    Might be able to give you a ride tomorrow. Gotta check w/ B. We’re down to 1 car and have to coordinate schedules.

  2. We wonderssssssssssss…and wes is not happyssss

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