Clinic Bike Rack Update

Dr. Tom sent me a message about my bike rack saga at the clinic. He asked if I had any bright ideas about bike security. I wrote back that I’m full of ideas, both bright and rack

Basically two things need to happen. Take those stupid signs down. Or use some duct tape on them. They are only being ignored and building conflict. There’s were some “No Smoking” signs where the bike ones are now. They were equally ignored and at some point disappeared.

bike rack 2




Two, move the bike rack to the front of the parking lot. Most of bike security is about visibly. 


Most disturbingly Dr. Tom told me that there are no plans for client bike racks at the hoped for new clinic. Staff only. Wow. I am godsmacked. Dr. Tom is too. He fixes bodies, not buildings. You would think that the people who build/design clinics would try and promote psychical actively. Like no parking in the front of the building. Buses and (unfortunately, ambulance) only. How about a nice covered bike rack at the entrance? And autos? Those without a handicap sticker are about a 1/8 mile away. 


Dr. Tom most diplomatically made no speculation on who might have fucked with my saddle. I filled the bolt head with shoe goo. If I need to replace my saddle I will have the time to pick it out. But any one trying to mess with it is going to get way slowed down. 


Well one more day in The Box. Going alittle wiggy in there. The money stinks, dirty dirty money, but you get out early. 








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